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Mole Medie is a media production company owned

by Henning Peer Hansen, and has existed since 1995.

Mole Medie is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Henning started his music career in his teens, playing guitar in various rockbands, later he also became singer and composer in a couple af bands. His rockband Roundabouts stopped touring in 1998. He then bagan composing for commercials and short films. At the same time, he worked as a voicedirector in dubbing of animation films mainly for television. Over the years he has been directing voices in over 1500 episodes of various series and films.

As a songwriter and producer he is working on getting

placements in TV-series and films through out the world. For the time he has agreements with licensing companies in Toronto, Canada and Perth, Australia.

a sound for media company

Mole Medie

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